12VDC Diesel Burner Controller (Aqua-Hot) WPX-287-962



12VDC Diesel Burner Controller WPX-287-962

WPX-287-962 Brand New AQUA-HOT 12VDC Diesel Burner Control Unit

The purpose of this heating system is to provide interior heat for RV’s. When a thermostat is set to a desired temperature, it sends a signal to the Zone Relay. The Zone Relay resonds to the signal by activating the circulation pump for the specified zone which sends the antifreeze and water solution through the heating loop for the specified zone. The fans on the heat exchanger are also activated. As the heated solution flows over the heat exchanger fins, the heat is transferred to those fins and dispersed into the interior of the RV by the fans. The Aqua-Hot system will continue to send he heated antifreeze and water solution through the loop until the thermostat signals heat is no longer needed. The cooled solution returns to the boiler tank to be re-heated before being sent back through the loop again. This process continues until the pre-set temperature of the interior is reached and the interior thermostat signals the electronic controller that heat is no longer required.

*Note – The Diesel Burner Controller may have to be mounted to the side of the diesel burner before the plugs are inserted into the controller, otherwise it might not be possible to mount the unit.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in


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