39014 Microphor Air Water Sequencing Valve


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39014 Microphor Air Water Sequencing ValveLF210 and LF219 Air Operated Toilet

Air Water Sequencing Valve (Microphor) 39014 Models LF210 and LF219 Air Operated Toilet

The AWS valve is a single valve controls air out to three different locations and water to the toilet bowl.  Includes adjustable timing cycle for proper flushing.  The poppet valve located in the bottom of the air sequencing valve opens, moving air into the chamber above and forcing the valve spool all of the way up.  This allows for water flow into the bowl and waste to move to the ejection chamber.  Air in the flapper valve cylinder is vented through ports in the AWS valve allowing the piston to be driven down by air from the top of the cylinder.

Microphor is one of the oldest USA sanitation suppliers serving multiple transportation segments since 1956.  With almost 60 years of technical excellence in the rail industry, we continue to provide waste and sanitation solutions for Marine, Commercial, RV and Railroad customers.

In December 1997, Microphor became a member of the Motive Power Industries family of companies, which merged with Westinghouse Air Brake in 1999 to form Wabtec. Microphor continues to develop new products and enter new markets, enhance employee skills through on-the-job training, seminars and adult education, and incorporate new manufacturing and management techniques in commitment to providing customers with quality products.

Microphor is a vertically integrated company with worldwide sales. We have 70,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities situated on a rural seventeen acre site located 150 miles north of San Francisco, CA.

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